Theory of Human Excellence

Theory of Excellence
Natural Excellence shares many of its concepts and principles with the Theory of Human Excellence. However, whereas Natural Excellence is orientated upon improving business or corporate performance, The Theory of Human Excellence is focussed more upon personal performance.

Many people have different ideas on excellence. But, whatever type of excellence is pursued, the results are totally dependant upon on human cognitive ability - ultimately on the brain. Neuroscience has learnt more about cognition and the human brain in the last 5 years than in the previous 5,000. It has revealed key aspects to the way humans learn, hone new skills, make decisions, innovate and ultimately reward themselves for what is deemed as excellent behaviour. These new discoveries are revolutionary and have a dramatic impact on performance in all areas of personal performance including whist at work. The Theory of Human Excellence integrates these new neurological findings with more traditional theories to offer a single structure that covers all aspects required to deliver human excellence.

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